Friday, November 15, 2013

Jamuan Graduasi Tahun 6

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Last meeting for 2013

2013 has come to an end. A very challenging year but it made me wiser and stronger. May 2014 will be a smooth sailing year for both of and you. InsyaAllah.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Love you Mr. Arrogant

Tetibe rase mcm high school kids yg nk update pasal bende2 ntah ape2. Demam nk jd muda blk telah melanda. Please bear with me ok. So lets talk bout the first ep. Im actually were looking forward for the small screen adaptation of this novel.

Surprisingly, despite all the buzz about the cast esp for the characters of zara and irham. I was actually very pleased with the tv zara and irham. Please... i cannot more tiz more that senrose more aaron... no more that diandra guy.. whats his name....ughhh. zara and irham make a cute couple. Keith foo as hadry..... sighhh .... a match made in heaven. Even anzalna as fiz is quite ok for me. Gotta to say... clap clap for anzalna, dia tk tolak watak pembntu even though nama dia dh top. Cume nk tgk thp kearrogannan irham tv sama th dgn irham buku...hehe

I must say, if i was aliesha kirana, i will be on top of the world after watching the 1st ep. Great start for the tv adaptation. Looking forward for the rest of the series. Chow for now... see ya.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The X-Files marathon

Meet my precious collection. Had a hard time finding the whole collection but too impatient to download them from the net. I'm currently on my 7th season. I just figured out how to turn on the eng subtittles. Such a clotpole arr. With subtittles it was easier to understand all the science n medical term mentioned by scully.

One of my fav episode. Je Souhaite.... it's bout a female genie or according to mulder, a jinniyah who lives in a carpet. Apparently, whoever roll out the carpet, she will grant u 3 wishes. Have to hurry.. the school is opening back soon.
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Perbarisan Rumah Sukan SK Api Api 2013

Alhamdulillah everything went well for our Sports Day. There's a few blunders which btw i was so not happy bout. But i rather not talk about it. Let's not spoil the happy occasion. But for our rumah, everything went extra smooth. Dpt member sekepala mmg shiok kerja. Sponsor besar ktrg ialah..... drum rolls...... husbnd kak azmah. Alhamdulillah.. moga panjng umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Best kerja tanpa perlu nk perah otak pk sumber kewangan kami.

Let the pictures do the talking. I present to you our rumah merah....

Baju hujan : RM1.60. Horror mask : RM1.80. Gloves : RM1.90 all at Kedai Apek. :) Balloons (100): RM7.50 at Cowboy. Balloon sticks: RM19.90 at Cowboy. Belt: DIY. Hat: DIY

Please ignore her pale and make upless face. Hehhehe

Hehe rajin tk ktrg.. maskot adalah sedikit tamak. Tk cukup 1, nak dua plak. Crab laundry basket : rm9.90 at mr. DIY. Potong bwh n potong tgn mr crab siap. Then, tmbah its hands.. Jelly fish, i just add anything that I fancy on that umbrella. The jellyfish is a hit with my GPK. He likes it so much. Baju tu i jahit guna cover aluminium also cn be obtained at mr DIY. Tp kena jahit tgn. Cover tu senang koyak. The boy inside, luqman had to be extra careful wearing it. Abis jer perbarisan, baju tu hancursss.

Can you spot the small fan in the umbrella? Sian luqman, mmg panas gile dlm tuh.

Kak Azmah and Kak Absah.

Poor them. Sgt panas dlm costume tu. Kalau tgk dekat2, dpt tgk dirog mandi peluh hari tu. Tu blm masuk padang lg tu.

Tangan mr crab and baju aluminium tu dh nk hampir hancur. Dah nyawa2 ikan dah tu.

with kak faizah.

Masa kejadian.

Khemah kami biasa2 jerrr.

And guess what, we won!!!!!!! KAMI JUARA PERBARISAN TAHUN NI!!! YAEYYYYY
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Preview Perbarisan Rumah MERAH

Our Sport Day just ended today. So tired and at the same time relieved. Coz after this i can put my heart and soul on my year 6 pupils. I neglected them enuff this past week.

Back to Rumah Merah, i dont know what came over us. Cg2 rumah merah tahun ni sgt bersemangat dan berkobar2 untuk all out for our perbarisan. Last year ktrg kn sgt malas, so we really hope to improve our standing this year. For khemah, we decided to use all the deco from last year. Kopak ktrg kalau nk concentrate both perbarisan n khemah.

Will update again soon. Enjoy the preview...

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ammar hakimi & ainur izzati

This year marked a lill improvement from last year. Both of them won 2nd place in our zone level. Thus, terus pg district level. Ammar with the story Korka, the mighty elf while ati with story the secret. Both of the stories, i amik from buku citer jerr. Then, pandai2 laa edit sendirik. Bagi flavour kite skit.


Cg dia pn same naik...

Plis everyone...behave n control urselves....

Ni merangkap drama queen, gedik instructor n make up artist, kak faiz. Baju recycled from last year. I bought it at a party shop for rm130++ Actually i nk beli wig yg lg pjg and blonder... haha ade ke word blonder? Tp sgt la mahal. Yg ni pn hgnye rm150++ so terpaksa settle with this one aje. Lepas ni dptla pakai kt rmh....jom melawa dengan wig br.

Ammar dgn cg uda selaku seamstress yg sgt2 la talented. Tak tau ape nk buat kalau tkde dia. Susah nk cr bj elf yg ready made ni. Last year cg uda buat jacket owl utk ammar. Dr topi smpi kasut semua jahit sendirik... yuhuuuu So how did we do in the district level. Ammar won 3rd place.. ati tkde rezeki.. ade mulut2 sumbang lps karnival tu.. kitrg pn ade skit tk puas hati dgn judging criteria. Tp nnt kalu ckp, nnt org ckp kite ni berlagak pandai...susahkn... tp from the bottom of my heart, i think ammar deserved at least the 2nd place n ati should ne in top 3.....hmmmm Anyway, congratulations to both of u.. i am so proud of u guys.

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English carnival pontian district 2013

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