Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yuk ngaji..

My colleagues and I mmg sgt phobia bile ada salesman datang skola kami. Kalau habis kelas dan trs nk lepak bilik guru dan mood tiba2 hilang bile nmpk salesman or should I say salesmen tgh approach dlm balik guru.

So what will u do if you are in my shoes?

Ape kami buat? Trs buat2 pg toilet n trs lepak kt bilik gpk smpi balik.. hehhe jahat tk.

But eventually, a salesman proved me wrong. Believe it or not, I even had to look for him to buy his precious product.

Quran yang dh lame msk dlm "a must have list". A word by word translation and a thorough explanation on the tajwid which almost third quarter of them I cnt remember. With just rm199, it worths every penny.

So how did it fares? .......drumrolls.... ahmahzingggggg. I like it so much. Nak baca sgt senang. And I'm making the effort to read the translation right after each sentence.

Yuk katam lagi. InsyaAllah. Rabbiyassirwalatuassir.

My form 4 english essay

Haha guess what..while clearing up some junk, I found this.. lol... look at my sentences.

Please ignore justin timberlake's name there. Dont even ask how did I know justin's middle name. I was pretty sure I was going to marry him in ten years time. Soo noob of me.

My handwriting hasn't change since high school. I was not into cursive writing coz I had a hard time understanding one. So I had decided to maintain my handwriting to make sure people can read me. I guess the choice paid off coz my pupils  can read mine without any difficulties. One of them even said they looked like they belonged to a high school kid. Hahah kids.