Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Love you Mr. Arrogant

Tetibe rase mcm high school kids yg nk update pasal bende2 ntah ape2. Demam nk jd muda blk telah melanda. Please bear with me ok. So lets talk bout the first ep. Im actually were looking forward for the small screen adaptation of this novel.

Surprisingly, despite all the buzz about the cast esp for the characters of zara and irham. I was actually very pleased with the tv zara and irham. Please... i cannot more tiz more that senrose more aaron... no more that diandra guy.. whats his name....ughhh. zara and irham make a cute couple. Keith foo as hadry..... sighhh .... a match made in heaven. Even anzalna as fiz is quite ok for me. Gotta to say... clap clap for anzalna, dia tk tolak watak pembntu even though nama dia dh top. Cume nk tgk thp kearrogannan irham tv sama th dgn irham buku...hehe

I must say, if i was aliesha kirana, i will be on top of the world after watching the 1st ep. Great start for the tv adaptation. Looking forward for the rest of the series. Chow for now... see ya.

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