Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Wow.. i can't believe its been ages since the last time i wrote an entry. I promise i try harder to find the time to write in here.

Shoutout to Kak Zyd..


Hehehe. Sorry i took so long to update dis humble blog.

Nothing much happened. Just experiencing... hmmm.... some writer's block... Hahahaha..

Just a quick update :

1. Still teaching Year 6... in fact both classes.. I know... Uwwaaaaaaa

2. Thanx to my ex GPK 1, dis year i am free from being a class teacher. It means:
*No more taking the attendance.

*No more closing the attendance at the end of each month.
(BTW walaupun dh 3 thn jd class teacher, tiap2 akhir bulan mesti lupe mcmane nak kire jum dan peratus kedatangan... sengaLLLL

*No more writing the pupils' name yang panjang berjela at the beginning of the month.

*No more sibuking nak cantikkan klas.

*No more competing 4 the best class each week

and... (gaya matluthfi90)

(drum rolls...)

*No more meeting the fockers.i mean parents YeaaaYY!!

3. Guess what..I am teaching Year 1. Surprised? It took me by surprise too. I am not known to be the most patient with these big toddlers. Starting from Year 1 dis year, KBSR will be demolished and we say wasssup to KSSR. It's been a lot of fun teaching this kids. I'm going to introduce them to u guys soon.. each one of them. Totally made my day each time i came to the class. So kawaiii!

4. Totally in love with my new car.Hehe dah basi dah.. i was quite shocked bout the recall last month as announced by Honda Malaysia. Thank God my car was not affected. Apart from that, i totally dig my ride rite now.

Hehe.. so much for "a quick update". more like berjela update.

Cutis-cutis ni diabiskan dengan memvlogging and i came across these ones.

Yg second one tuh sgt la bukan vlogging ;)I couldn't help it. saje bagi bingit telinga korang.. mmg annoying especially the spectacled guy. But i must admit.. They're pretty hillarious, rite.. Ni namenye takde keje....

And presenting my favourite otai vlogger of all time:

If you find him very familiar, u r rite. He was in the previous The Amazing Race, racing with his dad.

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  1. kok Yana..

    at lasttttt!! haha..

    rajin-rajin updet wehhhh :P