Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to handle rude kids?

Hi guys...sory for the long absence from my part. No excuse for that. Just trying to catch my breath and rhythm with my new edition of stouties. Indeed, this year is an ultimate and major challenge for me. I was given the responsibility to teach the two UPSR classes. It wasn't our initial plan though. I wasn't suppose to teach them coz i never taught them before. To make long story short, I was given about nine months to turn these classes and stouties around while trying to maintain and improve our percentage from last year.

Last year was actually a breezing and chilling year for me just becoz i've known those kids since they were in Year 3. They knew my style and i knew their capabilities. So, this year is a whole new chapter for me. I have to start all over again. From scratch.

With the first class, i have no major problem. But I can't say the same thing for the weaker class. Sangat bising. In fact, I have to spend the first five minutes shouting and calming them down. Then, there is this one particular kid. Both parents are Indonesians. All he can think is shouting and disturbing his friends. For teachers out there, u guys must know these kind of kids very well rite. Weaker pupils are very fragile for me. Their concentration span is very short. If a friend trigger them, it means CHAOTIC with the capital C.

So in class, I separate him from the rest of class by making him sit with me. Is it working? Yes, for a couple of minutes before his buttocks start to burn up. But one thing, this kid is very the 'kurang aj'.

Once, while copying the answers from the whiteboard, he sang "N***k.....N***k.....N***k.....N***k" happily with big smile on his face. I was furios. So, with little knowledge, i hoped i could implement the reverse psychology on him. So i said to him..."Fine, say it if you want. But remember, each time you say it, it means it is your mother's and sister's n***k!" OMG I couldn't believe i just said that. I was pissed!! He was actually shocked by it. His classmates started to laugh at him. He kept quiet for a while.

Then, a few minutes later. I accidently said "Bagus gile la awak ni" to one of my stouty. Then, u know what, this boy stood up and said, " Hah, teacher cakap gile. Maksudnya mak teacher gile" . Hahah he did not just say that to my face. I was just like, that's it!!! I am going to 'kill' him now. By the way, kill tu takde maksud nak bunuh dia. Just literally speaking. Kang tak pasai pasai polis cari aku nnt.

Next incident, i tried to bury my grudges, cikgu kan tak sampai hati nak benci anak murid dia. So, i acted like nothing had happened. But as usual,he made a scene that day. So, i scolded him and playfully trying to hit his body without actually hitting him. Then, he stood up and went to his seat. While staring at me, he grabbed his worksheet and threw it on the floor. Right in front of me. Aaaaaaarrrggggggghhhh!! He really pushed it!! But surprisingly, I did not scold or hit him. As much as i wanted to. While his friends scolded him for doing that to me, I just sat down and ignored him totally. In fact, after that incident, i ignored him totally. Did not look him in the eyes at all. Ignored his questions.

And the result is quite positive, he tend to be quite calm each time I enter the room. He was actually shy with me. So , what i'm gonna do rite now is be patient patient....and patient. Never lose IT in front of them... So, wish me a big fat luck k. I'll try my best to update on him regularly. See ya :)


  1. It's not an easy task to install wisdom to people who just don't give a damn....
    Takde cara yang betul2 bkesan cos every student requires different approach...
    Keep trying, don't give up and pray...I mean really pray!! that they will change to a better...
    Gdluck Yana!!
    p/s: is enjoying herself vry mch for not having to teach yr 6 after 3 yrs of living in tuutttt.... u knoe wat I mean.... hihiiii...

  2. I think ure doing it the rite way. try reverse psychology. Be nice and say thanks whenever he's being rude again (hopefully not) in the future. Try not to make it cynical. haha.. I'm trying that (being nice everytime he didn't finish his work or didn't submit his book and now, I've started to ignore him already) to a super duper lazy year 6 PRS that I'm currently teaching. Hopefully it works this time.

    Dah cuba pada sorang, ada perubahan. so, wanna try my luck for this one pulak. Good luck to us!