Monday, December 24, 2012

Merlin Finale Review


that's exactly what's on my mind after  i watched the finale just now. watched it through gqnasa channel. u guys can also check out the mirainsweden2 to view the previous eps. we malaysian are pretty lucky. i think  we are a week behind uk. kudos to tv3 and diva!

spoiler alert!!

Mordred stabbed arthur. arthur killed mordred. he was badly wounded. Arthur finally knew about merlin. he was pretty mad at first. but he managed to get over it after seeing how much merlin would go to extra length for him. merlin killed morgana. gawain died. arthur died.


oh no. i was like ....not him.he can't die. he's arthur.he's the once and future king. the writer were idiots. season 5 was pretty disappointing for me.

but i must say the bromance was incredible. i sobbed sobbed when he thanked merlin on his deathbed. i really thought he was gonna say i love u to merlin. lol

gwen became queen. she should've been pregnant. arthur jr would heal all our broken hearts rite. i should be a merlin writer. ;)

i cant believe Merlin is over. i'm gonna miss it so much. thanks for the great 5 years.

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