Friday, March 26, 2010

Theme : The end of the much "anticipated" Minggu Bertugas

Supposely, next week baru my turn to "bertugas". But when a colleague of mine approached me to switch our turns, i said yes hesitantly. Tak sampai hati lak bile die ckp die ade byk kerje this week. I'm actually ok with it. Even though, there are so many things to do this week such as:

To do list:
1. Settle my Year 6P's report cards.(UPPM 1 and their monthly test result). Those stouties dah pandai tanye mane report cards a.k.a. Buku Adab dorang.."Teacher, mane Buku Adab ktrg? Kan test hari tu dah lame?" DUUSSHHHH.. Berani budak2 skang kan... Dulu nak borak manje2 skit ngan cikgu pn dah mengigil kapla lutuk... Ni bole tk tanya mcm tanya kawan...

2. To mark my pupils' books (3 classes) English 1 , English 2, English 3, Workbook A and Workbook B... (tu la dulu mase awal tahun, cikgu lain buat 2 buku, ko terlebey rajin suh budak sediakan 3 buku.. Naaaahhh amik ko!!!)

3. To settle my panitia's work.... my Year 6 skuad's work...and everything else.

So dipendekkan cite, i am in charge this week. Nasib baik, in an academic year, we only have to be in charge twice. i envy teacher from bigger school. I was informed dorang hanya bertugas once a year.... Hmmmm so sweett (marah sebenarnye).

Actually, there are 2 things that i hate the most while bertugasing. Firstly,


I am blessed to be posted to the school 4 minutes away from my house. The bell is at 7.20. So i step on my accelarator at 7.12... every day... every single day.. But one thing yg bagus mase bertugas ni.. Mr. Kar dapat tempat berteduh for 6 hours.. Sian dia asik kene panas jerr.

Secondly, (mcm buat karangan on How to bake a cake kan... ) ;)


Sejak azali, public speaking is not my forte... Some people were born with it... I am one of the people who has to fight for it.. I guess Allah forgot to include the ability to 'public speaking' in my package. Heehhheheh

Dont worry, guys.. i'll work on it. Wish me luck.. i hope i will pull it 2gether. i'll update on how it goes k...

Until then, take care n muaxx...

Psssst I miss ya.... ;*

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