Sunday, April 10, 2011


Been caught up with loads and loads of works lately..

i wish i can just catch my breath for a while..

ok...moving on..back to our topic for today. Actually, it's been my ultimate wish to update u guys about my new edition stouties and i really hope that i can continue to update about them as time pass by.. Fingers crossed..wink wink..

This batch of Year 1 will be the first batch not to smell and feel the UPSR.Lucky or unlucky of them? i dont know if its a good thing or not. Since i was 7, I was educated with one thing in my mind and that's to excel in my exams with flying colours and fireworks. So with no exams?? i guess we will have to see bout that.. Mr. Muhyiddin, i really hope that you are right.


From top and clockwise: Haziq, Ammar, Ain and Azryn

This Ammar is the darling of this class. So young but yet so old. Seriously, he's like the oldest 7 years old boy that i've ever known. Don't get me wrong. what i mean is he talks like an old man. Mak dan ayah cikgu. Anak sulung from 3 siblings.

In fact, masa mula dia masuk sekolah, mak n ayah dia datang jumpa guru kelas dia di bilik guru. My friend and I were happened to be there and we overheard his mother asked the teacher not to be mad at him. Kitorang yang dengar ni mcm dh panas dah telinga kitrg. Lepas diorg balik, cepat2 kitrg tanya guru kelas dia. Rupa2nya mak dia cakap jgn marah anak dia sbb anak dia sgt suka bertanya. Tergelak kitrg bile cikgu tu explain.

After getting to know dis boy, mak dia mmg sgt la betul. Ammar ni macam meriam bertanya. Nasib baik cute. Some of our conversations with him:

Situasi 1
Me : Ammar, mak Ammar mengajar kat mane?
Him : Kat Sekolah Dato'
Me : Dia ajar ape?
Him : Biologi
Me : Ooo. Dia ajar form brape?
Him : Dia ajar Tingkatan 5 Mawar
Me : Ayah?
Him : Ayah ajar Sejarah Tingkatan 3.

After this, sgtla rasa rendah diri. Mak ayah aku pun cikgu gak. Tapi takde keje aku nak tau diorg ajar form brape. and i only know how to pronounce Biologi when i was in Form 1.Salute!

Situasi 2
Ammar : Cikgu, saya tak sihat la. Bole tak cikgu callkan mak ayah saya?
My colleague : ok, Ammar nak cikgu call sapa. Ayah ke ibu?
(berfikir sebentar)
Ammar : Saya rasa baik cikgu call ayah saya. Saya rasa mak saya penuh la hari ni. Dia ada 5 masa hari nih..
My colleague : (Ternganga!!)

Hahaha, i was excited to see him everyday. He never failed to amaze me everytime. Sejuk perut mak dia mengandung.

More of him below..

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From top and clockwise : Ammar, Syazwan and Danny

Danny was the artist of the class. So talented. He can draw... seriously... he's good at drawing.


The Alifs in my class. The Alif on the right is my colleague's son. Chaiyuk Kak Abb!!


From top and clockwise : Nabil, Najmi and Syafie.


  1. Ammar Hakimi...tu anak sedara aku tu....
    baru td mak dia sms suruh baca pasal blog ni...

    bangga bangga bangga

  2. You should be proud. I know i am. Btw, thanks for dropping by.. Glad u enjoyed the entry. :)

  3. I am ammar's mak uda. his father is my youngest brother. ammar's mom is a sc. n maths teacher and his father is an 'arts' teacher, indeed a 'perfectionist'.. here comes his son..ammar hakimi. ammar is very smart and always has something interesting to say about many different issues. x larat layan cakap dia he.. he.... every end of term, i got to buy him present for his academic achievement.. but alhamdulillah we r proud of him.. hope you could continuously guide him till his UPSR or even higher. we enjoy reading ur story about him n we really appreciate that..thanks teacher. May Allah bless you

  4. Its my pleasure. :) i will try my best to update bout him as frequent as i can. Thanks again..