Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kak Uda & Husaini E'Day

Hmmm... another love story to tell.. Maybe Cupid should give me some credits for the past few entries. I even change my header because there's too much love in the air rite now. :)

25th December 2011, marks the bond and love between those two love birds. Heavy traffic jam at the Causeway did not prevent my family and I to co-celebrate this joyful event.

Meet my gorgeous cuzzy, Kak Uda. She's Pak Lan's second dotter btw.




This is when her fiance sent a video for her. Macam bese kitaorang yang kepoh ni nak dengar gak.
Siap ada pantun lagi from him...

Egg is telur,
Wood is kayu,
When i tidur,
I think of you.

Haaaaa so sweeet....

Her fiance's flight was due at 11 pm that nite. So, there goes our chance to meet him. We haven't meet him as he works in Perth. Looks like my big family will only get to see him on 25 May to meet him officially.

Keluar tajuk jap. Meet my cousin's son, Rui Bin Ahmad Zaidi. His mom is a Japanese and his dad is a Jawa.. :) Hahaha Super kawaaiii..


Rui-kun with his mom, Kanako.

With Wafa n her mom, Kak Rayhanna.

Credits to Abg Hafiz for some of the pics.

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