Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Maling...awas loh.

Ladies n gentlemen,
I've been robbed. well, not really la. I merely exaggerated a lill bit. My favourite sneakers were stolen near my front door. i repeat.... my freaking front door.Bukannye Nike pun. setakat sneakers dr cik bata jerr, itu pun nk amik. arggghh really spoiled my day. eventhough murah, they are really comfy...opps correction they were really comfy. sekarang tgh kempen melatih netball kt skola. i wore them 4 days in a week.

dear maling, you are really something. u r bold enuff to enter my yard n took something so special yet so cheap. abis my bro's crocs pun ko bedal. nasib baik ko tk amik kasut pompan. kalu la ko amik kasut skola ku, mmg sebulan aku mencarutkn ko. dh la saiz kasut kene ikut american size.

at first, i was so intrigued by the sale at al ikhsan. tp bile pikir balik. takut maling strike again. so power it is.. ok ape.. never let me down n the price is affordable. what more can i ask?

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