Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm a makcik.

Askm.. hey guys...

Ok2..my bad. I know i know. kite postpone dulu ea my weight loss journey.hehe semangat lebih hr tu but i ended up too busy the next day. School workload seemed too much for me this year. My year 6 stouties are a huge challenge for us, year 6 teachers. Last year the batch was exceptional and unbelievable. But this year...sigh...sigh..sigh. im not complaining about them but...hmmm. i dont even know where 2 start. im in charge of both classes but never taught them b4. So the question is.... is 9 months enough for me to turn these kids around? I really hope so.

Just the other day, i drilled them on vocab associated with school. The 2nd class did not even know what the hack was FIELD!!!! I was screaming my head off coz no one could tell me what is field. Huhhhhhh....... then i istigfar.. these kids tk salah pun. Yg i pulak nak marah diorg sbb diorg tk tau ape maksud field. Then i muhasabah diri. Diorg tk tau la i kena ajar. Isnt that what we teachers should do and paid for? So wish me a big fat luck k.

Hmmm..sory once again sgt lari dr tajuk. The other day i was window shopping alone in JB. Just needed a ME time. Just me. I was looking for a new camera and power bank. So it was time to jalan2 plus gatal2..hahah if u know what i mean. Then i stopped by at bodyshop.

Its bèen a while since i last bought their products. I was a big fan of their fragrant and shower gel back then when i was in my uni years. Then i remembered.. i frequent their premise only in my uni years. After making my own money, i stopped going there. Sgtla kedekut. Hehheh

So i went there to check out their facial wash as mine was running out very soon. And to my surprise.. gulp..gulp.. rm59!!! R u kidding me?? Neutrogena tu pn i dh rase sgt mahal...  i think i am officially a makcik coz sgt sayang nk spend rm59 on a facial wash. And what was more annoying was the worker. Sgtla annoyed gile kalau pekerja dia ikut kite g mane2 and stared at us like we are shoplifter or something. So please anyone... please let ur customers take their own time to patronise ur shop n make their decision. U cant expect them to shop happily with ur heavy make up right beside their face.. grrrrgrrrrrgrrr...

So makcik ni pn lps terkejut tgk hg facial wash, cube la nk kluar without buying anything. But she failed. Sbb that lady dh ikut makcik round satu kedai, makcik tu pn malu nk kluar tanpa beli ape2. So i grabbed this.... obviously...

Obviously i bought the cheapest one der... hhaha so kiasu of me. N so makcik of me.

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