Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moment of Truth...UPPM 2

Pre-UPPM 2
UPPM 2 started on Tuesday. Tomorrow will be my papers. Goosebumps all over my body. Ntah kenapa mulai sekarang sume cheegu tkleh tgk question papers until the day paper tu diadakan.

For me, i dont really mind bout it. so it didn't make any difference 4 me..

Post-UPPM 2
It was a tough papers, esp Paper 2.. Sighh... The level was a bit high 4 my stouties.. Sian dorang.. They even had a difficult time in the information transferring. Satu benda yg masih jd seven wonders in MY head is "kat kelas si kenit2 ni bole buat, tp bile pekse...HAMPEHHH". Jumpa je any twisted and crazeee Q's, terus kene Alzheimer n sume ayat jadi Bahasa Zimbabwe...

- UPPM 1 : 6 kenits dpt A
- UPPM 2 : 5 kenits jerrr (sigh)...tkleh jadi ni.. bersemangat!! bersemangat!!

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