Friday, October 28, 2011

Ammar Hakimi Part 1

Hey guys...Just a lill update on my stouty.


Do u still remember this lill guy in kain pelikat? Click here if u dont know what the hack am i talking bout.

He's a great kid. The one we teachers should pay attention to. For me, i think he has the great makings of a great potential one day. InsyaAllah.

Guess what? For a few times, dia dah jadi Master of Ceremony (MC) at our daily assembly. In English, mind u (facepalm). He did brilliantly. No stuttering, no nervousness and no whatsoever. However, Ammar needed a stool to stand on or he wouldn't reach the mic. Hehe I am so proud of him. I think the youngest prefect yg pernah jd MC in my school is in Year 3. Tu pun in Malay. Because of him, some of his friends came to me and asked me if they can be the MC. They wanted to be like him.

Today, he astonished me again. When i came into his classroom, he presented me a small pen as a souvenir from Malacca. He explained why he was absent the day before. Then, i thanked him for the pen and asked him about his trip. He quickly ran to his bag and showed me this...


"Ammar, you read this?"
"Yes, teacher. It's a good book. Teacher dah baca? Teacher kenal tak dia ni? Teacher tau dia dah mati?"

Cikgu tergamam sebentar. I was actually processing the whole idea of he already knew Sherlock Holmes at his young age.




The two buddies were posing with the book.

Kenapa la aku dulu tk mcm ni???? MenyesaLLL!!

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