Saturday, October 27, 2012

Faizul and Atiah Part 1

Yeay!! It's official. My baby brother is off the market with just a lafaz. Click here for the tunang ceremony.

The solemnization took place on Friday evening at Atiah's home in PJ. So my family and I went to Malacca first on Thursday so that we could shorten the travelling time from Pontian to PJ by half. That morning, i had to paksa the groom to wear the inai. At first, keluar la semua sunnah Nabi dan hukum inai from him. So Yuyul and I had to assure him, we wear the inai so that everyone will recognise and identify the groom. No more than that. Thanx to this Indian henna, his three left fingers were all red.

Dengan taik abab, Alieya was watching his uncle patiently.

Then, off we go to PJ to Atiah's grandad house. It is sort of a pit stop for my relatives and us to meet. We gathered there to wait for everyone from as far as Spore and Kedah to arrive for Faizul's big day. There, barulah ktrg siapkan the groom-to-be.

Yuyul and I became instant mak andams. It was an enormous task to cover up all his jerawats and scars. But we survived. He actually looks quite decent.. Hehe  but dont tell him that.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Now may i present you the hantarans from our side to Atiah. A big thanx to Kak Faizah, my colleague for the beautiful arrangements.

Gucci set.

A Tag Heuer watch.

Ferragamo clutch and shoes.

Praying veil

Credits to my Mak Ngah for the beautiful cake and sirih junjung.

When the akad was about the begin, seram gak. I was nervous for him. Before this, banyak kali gak suruh dia berlatih akad depan ktrg, but he refused. Nevertheless, Faizul said the akad confidently. Even the Tok Kadi said, "Wah bersemangat sekali". We laughed our heads out. And once again, he proved to us that we should just trust him.

I have a new sister!!!

My mom and dad after the akad.

Mamam time!!

Congrats guys!

The new in-laws.

Hantarans from Atiah's side. The cake and Fidani chocolate were mindblowing.

to be continued.....

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