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Holland Trip 2016

3rd - 13th December 2016 was what I call my yearly medicine. Yayy I safely made it home... safe and sound. Hahaha i was really thinking about making it home safely rather than arriving there safely.. Selangkah di hadapan la sgt!!!. Cikgu Johor jer yg bole paham ni!!

Don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed my stay there. It's just travelling with your whole family is a new thing for me. I mean with 10 adults and 3 toddlers are huge to me!! Parents diorg rilek je... Mokcik dia yg histerical and OCD skit.

So kali ni weolls travel tk pakai pakej.. obviously! Flew with Qatar Airways bcoz every passenger is entitled with 30 kg baggage. But the downfall is, we have to transit at Doha. Thank God it was not a long transit. KLM provides a non transit flight to Schiphol International Airport but with only 20 kg baggage. Seriously... 20 kg?? My luggage plus the winter coat were almost 12 kg!! So terpaksa pilih Qatar..

A straight flight would take about 13-14 hours to Amsterdam. So ktrg lg la lame!! Dr rmh Pontian right to Yuyul's house took us almost 24 hours. We flew via Changi btw. Coz my Singaporean uncle and his family joined us on this trip.

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Ni iolls punye.. Blm makolls n ayaholls lg.. Mcm nak pindah!! Sling bag tu as a safety precaution. All money and travel documents should be in there. Pegi mane2 mmg iolls letak sebelah dpn badan. Bukan tk percaya kt orang kt sana... But being cautious is not going to kill us rite.. or even cost us a single cent! Pickpockets are everywhere.. even rite under our nose. Last year during Turkey trip I just used my backpack.. But I remember how scared I was if there's anyone standing near or behind me. So this time around, I felt a lill bit safer.

I drove to my sister's house in Rini Hills and we took a private van to Changi. It cost us about RM900 pergi dan balik. Sounds expensive rite but it saved us a lot of hassle. Tak payah pikir nak parking kt Changi. Parking at my relatives' flats pn tk bole gak. So we went to Changi by a Starex van. Very easy bcoz we dont have to turun mase kastam Singapore. Kalau van biasa kene turun mcm naik bas. If I'm not mistaken, van cost about RM800. Murah skit.

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Dui Malaysia.. Dui Singapore!!

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Food masa pergi macam tk best.. Maybe bcoz it was a very early flight, It was 2.45 am flight, they did not provide heavy meals for us. 2 kali makan tp light meals and a chicken sandwich. Luckily for them, sbb rase excited nk pergi, tk sgt rase lapar. Balik lain citer..huhuhuh

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Transit at Doha for about 2 hours. Singapore - Doha dpt seat 3 4 3. Basically kalau seat uolls A / B / C uolls akan dpt window seats. D / E / F / G uolls akan dapat middle seats. J / K / H uolls akan dpt the other window seats. Just being informed by my uncle there was no I in the seats. Mcm superstitious belief kut,  I dont know... maybe. Macam tingkat 13 selalu takde kan.. Same kes la nih..

Singapore - Doha took about 7 hours. Iolls mmg plan tk nak g toilet dlm plane. Hahhah.. Siapa suruh duduk paling hujung??? Blame urself!!! Hahaah Mmg suruh my dad duduk kat aisle sbb bladder dia mmg tk strong walaupun sbnrnye dia nk duduk tepi tingkap.. hihihih

Bagus gak transit ni.. Sampai je.. terus pg restroom and ehem ehem.. n smpt solat subuh kt Hamad airport. Alhamdulillah masa pergi, rezeki kami sbb aircraft tu dpt land kt main terminal. Ni conclusion dr last year mase pg Turki. Kalau aircraft mendarat kt main terminal kt Hamad Airport, kite tk perlu lalu transit screening. Trs keluar kt terminal n terus cari next gate for ur next flight. Hari tu Allah permudahkan urusan kami, Dia tahu perjalanan kami masih panjang hari tuh. Alhamdulillah!!

But kalau aircraft uolls land bukan kt main terminal, then u kene alert skit. Especially bile mase transit cpt.. maybe 1 or 2 hours apart. Slalunye kene turun aircraft and naik bus to the main terminal. Sampai sana kene lalu security screening, walaupun uolls transit. Kat sini yg lama dan leceh skit. If uolls remember my incident at this particular airport. Click here to read Tips Melancong Ke Turki Part 2

On the way balik, aircraft kali ktrg land kt luar main terminal, mode gelabah trs ON balik sbb ktrg transit 1 hour je.. Sampai kt flight semua org dh masuk. Tapi syukur ade pengalaman masa pergi Turki. Masih lenggang kangkung nk msk flight and smpt pg toilet dulu. Hihihi Cabin crew tu plak yg cuwakk.

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Doha mmg cantik!!! 1st time dpt tgk Doha waktu awal pg. Kalau tk mesti malam land or take off from Doha.

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Doha - Amsterdam took another 6 hours. Seats kali ni 3 3 3. My brother in law tk dpt duduk row yg sama. Kene ke row belakang. But lebih selesa skit. Leg space pn besar skit from previous flight.

Then...... finally... after travelling for more than 15 hours... iolls saw these..


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Macam kt Pontian je kan... hihihi Jauh beno my expectation of Amsterdam mase sampai. But actually mcm KLIA gak. Tourist mesti hek elehhh ni ke KL??? So I was like Hek elehhhh ni ke Amsterdam??? For obvious reasons, airports mesti la jauh dr bandar kan.. Hek elehhhh!!! Ape lerr..hihih

To be continued...

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