Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holland Trip Part 2 : Public Transport

So where was I?...

Oh! We arrived at Schiphol Airport at 2.45 pm (local time). Quickly, we lined up to chop chop our pasport. FYI, Malaysian citizens have visa-free or visa on arrival access to 164 countries and territories including Holland, ranking the Malaysian passport 12th in the world. Bangga tak? Bangga tak? Hihihi So we dont have to apply the visa beforehand. Ini hanya utk social visit tau. Other than that, mmg kene pergi embassy diorg kt Malaysia. Kalau tk silap, kite bole stay kt sana up to 90 days.

But nevertheless, do not take anything for granted. Tak rugi pn buat preparation or look for any tips before u go into a particular country. So I did look for some tips nak masuk Holland. If you are not with a travel agency, make sure print out a travel itinerary. This is to ensure smooth business la org kata. Immigration officer tu akan tanya what is ur business here. So senang kalau ade itinerary. Kalau backpackers, print je online itinerary tuh. Kalau nk ikut, ikut. Kalau tak ikut suka hatila kite nak jln mane2 kan.

Alhamdulillah, we encountered no problem entering Amsterdam. Security dia pn tk leceh sgt. Yuyul was there welcoming all of us. But our journey did not stop there. We need a 3 hours train ride to reach her district, Enschede. But Schiphol Airport ada train stop dia sendiri. Very convenient for all the frequent flyers rite, Rite below Schiphol, we took a train to Enschede.

Public transport kt Holland mmg tip top. From the train to the buses and tram, mmg very efficient. Kita bole tau lg brape lame bus or train sampai kt stop kite. Even dalam bas, kite bole tau brape lame nk sampai kt stop kite. Our designated and FOC guide, Yuyul said we just have to download the app in our phone to review all journey singlehandedly. Kalau Malaysia macam ni, dari dulu je iolls naik bas g skolah... hihihi

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Feeling ala ala New Yorker!!

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Yg pic ala2 American subway ni is Amsterdam Centraal, basically u can go anywhere. Nak naik train, bus or tram, semua bole dr sini. So if Amsterdam is your next travel destination, book a hotel yg dekat ngan Ams Centraal.

This is the picture dr depan Amsterdam Centraal. Sgt ramai org kt cni. 

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Yuyul bought all the train tickets online. Murah sikit. Ada tourist suka beli season pass. But for us, macam rugi jer.

For online tickets, just scan the code at the gate at the station. It even bears our names on the tickets. Bear in mind though, keep the tickets with u all the time. The ticketmaster will check up on u at the least time u expect it.

My family is definitely not the backpacker travellers type. Jarang pakai public transport kt negara org. In fact, kat negara sendiri pn mcm tk reti pakai...hihihi But we love the public transport here!! So convenient, nak bwk masuk basikal boleh.. stroller bole... wheelchair bole... tp yg takut sikit pets pn bole. So dont be alarm if a K9 board the same bus or train with u.. Hahahha

Iolls give 7 out of 5 stars... Good job, Hollanders!!!

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